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Keith Rogers
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp.

~From: ()
~Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1993 21:07:52 GMT
~Newsgroups: rec.aquaria
~Subject: [M] "Red Sea" brand salt SUCKS!

I recently tried a new brand of salt mixture, "Red Sea" and I have
to say, it was AWFUL. There was a LOT of strange residue left over
after I mixed it up, and SOMETHING in there dissolved with a wildly
exothermic reaction that I've never noticed while stirring in
Instant Ocean or Corallife. (By exothermic, I mean that
a handful of the mixture, held in water got scalding (painfully)
hot. )
Since I didn't have any other salt around, and I needed to
do a water change, I ended up using it (after filtering it
through a MAgnum with a micron filter and diatomaceous earth),
but I don't think my fish are exactly thrilled with it, and the
pH seems lower than it ought to be.

Don't let anyone sell you this stuff.