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    Aqua Design Amano RELEASE! First Nature Aquarium LED Light


    [​IMG][​IMG]It finally happened. The project kept secret for years by Takashi Amano was finally unveiled quietly by Aqua Design Amano in April. That project is AQUASKY, the first Nature Aquarium LED lighting system for freshwater planted aquariums.

    Mr. Amano, who has had a lifelong passion for nature, and concern for it's long-term conservation, had sought a way to make Nature Aquarium even more friendly for the environment. Being inspired by many trips to the Amazon, which he calls the last great wilderness, Africa, South East Asia, and the few wilderness areas left in Japan, Mr. Amano made his mission clear: to spread the love of mother nature across the world through teaching Nature Aquarium.

    The development of AQUASKY was but a whisper for years - a rumor in aquatics. But behind the scenes, Mr. Amano was finely crafting his new light.

    "It had to be an LED, because this new technology allows a much greater conservation of energy and much longer life span of the bulb (we parsed the AQUASKY at 30,000 hours). Plus, the small, compact design allowed for us to use less material than the previous Solar Mini, which means that it makes less impact on the environment when being produced, shipped across the world and we do not have to manufacture replacement bulbs, which add to the environmental impact."

    There are many other LED lights on the market, but how did they effect plants? Mr. Amano had been on a mission to not only produce an LED light with the ADA trademark classic design but also to make one which grows aquatic plants effectively.

    "Many LED lights on the market are not for aquatic plants - their lighting is either decorative or for marine aquaria. Unsatisfied with what was available in the market for growing aquatic plants effectively, the AQUASKY had to be the best light yet made to grow plants. The AQUASKY is so effective, with such a precise color temperature (optimized for 7,000-8,000K replicating noon sun) suitable for aquatic plants, that it replaces all of the SOLAR MINI in the Nature Aquarium Gallery in Niigata, Japan. It truly is the first groundbreaking LED light for aquatic plants."

    Technical Specs:

    Light housing unit size: W280mm x D68mm x H9mm
    Clear stand size: W300mm x D100mm x H95mm (for aquarium 30cm in width) / W360mm x D100 x H95mm (for aquarium 36cm in width)
    *** AQUASKY is NOT compatible with current Cube Garden Mini S and Cube Glass Mini S (31cm in width) ***
    New Cube Garden Mini S and Cube Glass Mini S with 30cm in width will be coming out soon.

    [Product Specification]
    Input voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption: 17W
    Current consumption: 0.4A
    Luminous flux: 1450~1550ml
    Color temperature: 7,000K~8,000K
    LED: 0.4W/each x 30
    LED lifespan: over 30,000hrs (depending on operating environment)
    Operating temperature range: -20 Celsius to 35 celsius

    Bài này mình lấy từ trang http://www.adgshop.com trình độ đọc hiểu mình có hạn nên việc dịch ra không đảm bảo chính xác nên bạn nào mún xem chính xác thì qua trang chủ mà xem nhá thank mọi người.
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